Saint-Petersburg is often called a northern capital of Russia. And it is recognized as a city of special importance by The Russian Constitution. There are only two cities of special importance in Russia – Saint-Petersburg and of course Moscow. No doubt Saint-Petersburg deserves such a status.

The city consists of forty four islands connected to each other with beautiful bridges. Multiple channels give Saint-Petersburg its own charm. In the cultural capital Saint-Petersburg you’ll find a lot of museums, monuments and cathedrals.

The interesting sightseeing to visit are cruiser Aurora and the monument Cooper horseman. Cruiser Aurora is situated near the building of Nahimov naval school. The volley signing the start of Bolshevist’s Revolution was given here. Cooper horseman is a monument erected by the order of Ekaterina II in glory of Peter I. Now you can read on the monument “To Peter I. Ekaterina II” in Russian from one side of it and in Latin from the other. Its uniqueness is caused by the fact that the monument has only two points of support. Of course it’s not all you can see in Saint-Petersburg. You can visit Kunstkamera, Russian Museum, monuments of Peter the Great, Ekaterina II, Nikolai I,The Smolny cathedral, numerous palaces etc. 

You can fall in love with Saint-Petersburg. Having come to this city once you want to come back here again and again.